IPC Coal
IPC COAL (Pty) Ltd
A locally based South African company focused in the trading and distribution of carbon products to a national network of clientele in Sub-Sahara Africa. IPC Coal (Pty) Ltd channels all its export business through its Global Company ICC Commodities Ltd based in London.

Our Vision
IPC Coal adopts a radical business approach, committed to all aspects of “responsible trading” thus establishing itself as a leading South African business within its niche. IPC Coal has a goal to declare up to 70% of its dividends to selected responsible channels of sustainable empowerment projects.

Our Strength
Developing and maintaining key relationships with its stakeholders, suppliers, and valuable customers are non-negotiable. We strive to differentiate ourselves in a challenging industry through exciting dynamic initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Black Empowerment Partner
The Domino FoundationDomino Foundation
IPC Coal (Pty) Ltd has made every effort to comply with South African legislation, yet it strives in being proactive and passionate in real Empowerment partnerships. IPC Coal (Pty) Ltd achieves this through the Domino Foundation as Black Empowerment Partner. This dynamic partnership has been a major milestone for the company's future growth and sustainability. Click to see more...

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